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Speak A Message 9.0.1

You'll never have to write an email again!


  • Large font available
  • Easy to use
  • Various skins


  • Old-fashioned appearance

Speak A Message is an original application that allows you to record text and send it as an email attachment, save it to your hard drive or attach it to photos as a comment. This makes it particularly suitable for users who have problems typing, for whatever reason.

Despite the new version, Speak A Message's interface is still a little old-fashioned. Even so, it does the job well and has plenty of configuration options, allowing you to change the appearance of the tool, choose from web or POP-based email, send photos with voice commentary and even add a small range of special effects to your messages. It also comes with comprehensive help.

Version 5 of Speak A Message isn't noticeably different to previous versions. The Vista version (available to download from the website) has a speech to text function, and there seems to be improved support for adding comments to photos, slideshows and presentations, but other than that no huge improvements are obvious. This is disappointing, especially with regard to the appearance of Speak A Message, but even so, it remains a sweet program that is especially suitable for the elderly or those with reduced mobility.

Speak A Message won't rock your world, but is a useful program for those with problems typing.

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Free voice recorder for voice email, voice diary, voice photo stories and voice comments on Facebook. Intuitive to use

Speak-A-Message is the free voice recording tool with the widest range of features: 1) Voice Recorder: for more personal messages, record a voice message, add a photo, screenshot or personalized ecard and transcribe the voice message automatically to text. When you are done, share via email, Facebook or the cloud. 2) View & Record: by adding voice comments your photos will tell a lively story with your own voice. Share via email, Facebook or the cloud. 3) Voice Diary:your entries become more authenic and lively because this voice diary combines voice comments, images and text. This combination is perfect to bring your memories and emotions back to life or to enable a third person to empathize. Future proof due to EPUB ebook standard.

1) Voice over: rewind and rerecord your message if necessary 2) Transcription: automatically transcribe speech to text (not available in XP) 3) Facebook: automatically upload a voice comment or a voice commented photo to your Facebook wall 4) Outlook: plug in for Microsoft Outlook 5) Personalized eCards: Add a personalized eCard to your message 6) Screenshot: take a screenshot and add a voice message to it 7) eBook: save your diary in the latest EPUB3 ebook standard

Speak-A-Message is the voice recorder with the widest range of features because it includes a voice recorder for voice emails and voice comments as well as a voice diary. It also offers the possibility to add voice comments to photos, screenshots and personalized eCards which can be shared via email, Facebook or the cloud.

For everyone who seeks a more personal and at the same time more efficient means of communication, Speak-A-Message is the ideal tool because our voice carries so much more emotions than mere text and we talk 3 times faster than we can type.

Speak A Message


Speak A Message 9.0.1

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    speech to text does not work. Bug. .
    the speech to text part does not work. Always gives a bug report. Useless..   More